The Oscars slap is once again the topic of conversation, a year after it happened. This time, the moment is thrust back into headlines after Chris Rock’s Selective Outrage Netflix special.

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During the closing moments of the special, Rock spoke about the slap, stating Jada Pinkett Smith was the reason for all of the problems in Will Smith’s life, citing the entanglement issues, a 2016 issue between her and Rock over that year’s Oscars, and more.

In an update to PEOPLE, a source close to Pinkett Smith stated she had no hand in the tension between Rock and her husband.


“Jada has had no part in all of this other than being heckled,” the source said. “Chris is obsessed with her and that’s been going on for almost 30 years.”

The source added, “Look where he chose to film his Netflix special. Her hometown. Obsessed.”

“Back in 2016 she helped start a movement with the Academy Awards by questioning why there are so few Black members, and Chris took it to this?” the source adds.

The 2016 mention is where Rock states Pinkett Smith suggested he quit his hosting position due to Will Smith’s Concussion snub. The source also shoots down that thought.

“She never asked Chris to not host the Oscars ever. She publicly said in a Facebook post at the time Chris would be a great Oscars host and is perfect for the job.”

The special is currently streaming in full on Netflix.