Logic recently shared a cover he did of Ice Cube’s classic song “It Was A Good Day.” In the video, instead of rapping the song as Cube did, Logic tests his vocal chops and sings over the instrumental played by a live band with the original music video playing behind.

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Reactions to the cover were largely negative, with many finding issues with Logic, a bi-racial rapper, saying the N-word. The video, however, caught the attention of Ice Cube’s son, O’Shea Jackson Jr., who responded to a different lyric in the cover.

“I respect Logic. I think he can rap. And that’s all I really need,” Jackson tweeted. “But bruh… if [I] ever hear you sing about my mother again… it’s gone be a misunderstanding lmaoooo.” O’Shea was referencing his father’s line, “Got a beep from Kim, and she can f*ck all night.”


Even though the song came out over 30 years ago, some were surprised to find out that the Kim who was referenced in the song is actually O’Shea Jr’s mom. He even described a time when he had to be his dad’s hype man and replaced the lyric so it wouldn’t be awkward.

“Imagine having to be your pops hype man and doing that part,” he tweeted. “So now when either me or my brother in stage with him the line is “I got a beep from Her” instead of my moms name.”

As for Logic, Joe Budden took time out of his most recent podcast episode to grill the 33-year-old rapper for the cover. He said that that band was wack, the singing was wack, and called Logic out for saying the N-word. You can watch Budden’s response below.