The world of hip hop has influenced everything from clothing, hair styles and even vocabulary. Varying clothing styles including euro fitted to retro, vintage apparel and logo mania pieces are often featured by hip-hop artists. In addition to clothes, hairstyles often vary based on rappers’ backgrounds, cultural traditions and current trends. A lot of rappers and hip-hop artists wear dreadlocks, which traditionally represent the Rastafarian culture that is well recognized in Jamaican. And, over the last few decades dreads have become more prevalent amongst well known rappers becoming a significant hair style in hip hop culture.

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The T-Pain dreads hairstyle will be difficult to change at a moment’s notice. Most men who dread their hair have to cut the tangles out of their hair and let new growth come in before they can take on a new style.

This is a high-maintenance style despite the look that the hair is trapped because he does not take care of it. He must spend a great deal of time each day working on his hair to keep it growing and appropriately prepared as well as working to deter damage from the hair being too dry. T-Pain’s dreadlocks took him 13 years to grow. In 2013, the rapper cut his iconic dreads.

*Wiz Khalifa

For much of his career, Wiz Khalifa has tried various styles of dreadlocks. He had been growing his hair out since he was a child, so it was about time for him to own it.

*Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s look has been a tack of his style throughout his ever-evolving career, from the cornrows of his early Doggystyle days and the smooth perm of his pimp phase to the hanging dreadlocks that have been known by it over the last decade. But now that his hairline is eventually starting to show his age, it might not be too long until Snoop Dogg cuts his dreads.  


Jay-Z’s freeform dreadlocks with ”Congos” which are made by joining two or more locs so they combine may not take much in the way of care, but first, he had to grow his afro hair a longer. Jay- Z started the process of growing out his almost clean-shaven head about two or three years before getting his satisfactory result.

*J Cole

J Cole’s dreads are not driven into looking as awesome as they do. J Cole’s dreads are what we label as ”semi-free form dreads”. As of now, hair stylists assert J Cole’s dreads are a semi-freeform and are not controlled through styling. He just lets his hair grow free to expand naturally without any earlier planning to structure it.


For centuries many dreadlock wearers have adorned their precious locks with jewelry and other statement pieces to show individuality, status, and appreciation. This symbolism has continued throughout modern day styling with one of kind luxury pieces most recently taking the stage. 

Since the hairstyle is an extension of the person’s mind and personality, a lot of rapper and rap celebrities who have a passion for high-quality items from luxury cars, famous paints, and gold and silver accessories are willing to invest in heirloom quality hair accessories.

One of these respected brands is Zigleys. Touted as “Jewelry for Your Crown, Fit for Royalty,” Zigleys is the first of its kind and is redefining hair jewelry for locs, braids, and twists with its opulent line of 18-karat Gold hair jewelry. Each piece in the collection is uniquely crafted from the finest gold, with select pieces embedded with diamonds. 

There are so many others in the hip hop culture who’ve embraced the culture of dreadlocks and it’s become prominent in many urban locations such as Miami, Philadelphia and most recently Detroit. Wearing dreadlocks is a symbol of embracing a person’s culture and roots, and each person’s unique form of expression is an added by their personal style which defines them.

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