J. Prince is denying claims he was arrested for threatening Offset after Wack 100 allegedly told Clubhouse that the mogul had been taken into custody. 

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The alleged accusation about the Houston vet came from Wack on Friday (March 10). A viral audio recording from Clubhouse hears him saying “he has been arrested,” but it doesn’t capture him saying J. Prince or Offset’s name.

A headline attached to the audio did, however, writing: “Wack 100 & His Sources Say J Prince Has Been Arrested By Feds For Threatening Offset & The Remaining Migos Are In Protective Custody.”


When DJ Akademiks reposted the report, Offset commented: “Pussy wtf is this cap ass shit.”

In response, J. Prince took to Instagram from a lounge chair in a location that was quite clearly not prison and denied any such reports.

“Ah man, what has this shit come down to in the world today?” he began. “I can’t believe people play with people[‘s] intelligence — the way they play with people intelligence and intellect. You know, the way they do today, people are telling lies for a living. You know what I mean? They actually lying to y’all for a living. But as you can see, live and in living color, this is what my jail cell look like.”