Despite what the older generation believes when it comes to the work culture of the 21st century, youngsters nowadays have a hundred times more opportunities and leeway than the people of the past. With more career paths to choose from than ever before, kids are growing up with the mindset that they can do whatever they want to do and follow whatever path their hearts desire. Undoubtedly, this situation has its disadvantages too as being presented with such a wide array of options ends up confusing an individual leading to procrastination and inaction. Still, the circumstances are a lot better than how they were back in the day when a person had to choose between working in a factory or continuing the family profession, and even that waslimited to farming or manufacturing.

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The new age has brought a multitude of changes and youngsters are aware of this reality more than any other age group. The newer generation tends to explore the world pretty soon and a few fortunate individuals end up discovering their passions early on. However, only those with the right amount of courage decide to make a move and make something of their newly found passions. Hailing from Bristol, Pennsylvania, DylanFeszko is a perfect example of this rare phenomenon. 

Dylan, who goes by ddjmilkyway on social media and DJ Milkyway on stage, established his entertainment company,Milkyway Music Enterprise LLC in 2015 at the age of 13. With support from his parents, Dylan introduced Milkyway Music Enterprise LLC as an entertainment company that provides DJ/MC talents, photo booths, photographers, and videographers, as well as EFX enhancements to school events, weddings, and private parties. 


Dylan attended Walter Miller Elementary School and discovered his passion for DJing at Carl Sandburg Middle School. After that, he began pursuing his passion and began polishing his MC skills. His first major event was held at Carl Sandburg Middle School, where he performed as a DJ/MC at his middle school graduation with the support of his teachers and fellow students.He graduated from Neshaminy High School in 2021, where he studied music theory and music production classes. During his time at Neshaminy, he also served as the news anchor of the morning announcement. This helped improve his social skills,confidence as well as his ability to perform live on camera. With a clear goal in his mind, Dylan decided against going to college and instead, decided to further his passion for Djing in the music industry. 

Where most people wouldn’t even dream of taking the responsibility of running a business at the ripe age of 13, Dylan not only had the willpower to do so but also harbored a drive to become successful and make a name for himself. Traveling from county to county and state to state, Dylan has catered to a vast audience and established clientele from different parts of the country. His company Milkyway Music Enterprise LLC prides itself on providing a wide array of events tailored to its client’s needs and has successfully handled events for children including graduation parties and prom nights, as well as wedding events and rave parties for adults. Aiming to take the next step in his music career, Dylan released his first single, Golden Flas,” in November 2022, debuting as an Indie Rock artist.