Logic recently responded to the backlash stemming from his cover of Ice Cube’s classic song “It Was A Good Day.” While fans of Ice Cube and the original song have come out against the cover, and even Joe Budden needed to double down on his disklike of Logic’s music because of it, it seems as if Logic is unfazed by the criticism.

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In a video posted on TikTok, Logic responded to a comment on a previous video where a user said that he should do a full album of covers from songs from the 1990s. He even added that he texted Ice Cube after the fact and gave him his stamp of approval.

Logic said in response: “You know it’s funny you should say that. Um, it’s funny you should say that because I thought about doing that. Wouldn’t that be cool? Everybody’s all pissed off at me because I did a fucking Ice Cube cover. Meanwhile, I texted Ice Cube and he’s like, ‘Man, keep on doing you brotha,’ like what the… who gives a fuck. Who gives a fuck.”


Logic even added that he might even do an album full of covers of 90’s songs and call it Logic’s Greatest Hits.

“But you know what would be great? Is if, you’re right. I should do a whole fucking album, and just do a whole album of fucking hard ass 90s records and call it Logic Greatest Hits, and get all them paid, and publishing, and take care of all the legends and the goat’s and the great’s from the 90s. And fucking do a covers album, who gives a fuck.. whaaat.”


Replying to @evil.morty.420 logic greatest hits coming soon!

♬ It Was A Good Day – Ice Cube

We sure do know who wouldn’t be a fan of Logic covering more songs from the 1990s. That would be Joe Budden, who on last week’s episode of his Joe Budden Podcast, slammed the rapper for the cover and reiterated his dislike for his music and asked him to stop rapping.

“Logic, I beg of you, I’m pleading with you: please join me in retirement,” he said. “Never step near a recording device again! Throw your phone in the ocean! Be allergic to microphones! Promise your fans nothing! Don’t go to the studio ever again! You are the worst, yo! You are really, really bad!”