Are you ready for basketball? The 2023 NCAA Tournament is set with the Alabama Crimson Tide owning the No. 1 overall seed.

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The achievement comes as the team continued to excel through headlines of a murder charge and criticism of the Nation’s top player Brandon Miller.

Kansas, Houston, and Purdue are joining Alabama at the No. 1 slot in the tournament.


“It was an interesting process, and it took a little while,” Chris Reynolds, the tournament committee chair, said to CBS. “However, what I will say is this: Those teams at the top, they performed consistently throughout the year. And so we considered about six or seven teams at the top. But at the end of the day, those four teams are the teams we selected.”

A region to watch is the West, which has a strong block of contenders in Kansas, Gonzaga, UCLA, TCU, and Uconn, while Cinderella possibility Iona hangs in the 13th spot.

You can see the full bracket below.