Huey King is an independent musician currently residing in Atlanta, GA who is also a TV Personality on WE TV. Along side being involved in the music and television industry, Huey King is also a successful digital creator and social media influencer that has been very visible in 2023.

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Huey King has worked with many talented producers, including Superstar O, KJacK, Meleebeats, and Bluesteel. Huey King’s love for music began while watching his older brother make music, which eventually led to him writing his own songs. As people started responding positively to his music, Huey realized that it was something he should take seriously. Huey King dropped out of school and focused on music full-time, pouring his pain and joy into his songs to make them relatable to a wide variety of people.

Huey King released a project entitled, “Jordan Year,” which features the single “Forbes List,” and has a music video on YouTube. Fans can expect even more great music from Huey, with new singles being released leading up to his next project’s release.


In addition to his music career, Huey King recently appeared on “Da Brat’s” reality TV show, “Brat Loves Judy,” as an artist/influencer. He’s also had music sync placements within the show. A typical day in Huey King’s shoes starts with meditation and breakfast before hitting the gym and working on money-making activities for about 5 hours. He then spends time working on his music, reading a good book, and spending time with friends and family.

Huey King’s greatest challenge in life was when a career ending injury caused by breaking his lower back forced him to pause and take a different perspective on life. Huey had to come to terms with the fact that basketball, his first love, may never be a part of his life again. However, the experience taught him about perseverance and the importance of living life to the fullest.

As a musician, Huey King’s greatest achievement has been getting radio and TV placements and hearing from fans who have found solace in his music during tough times. He hopes that his music allows him to transcend into being a role model for humanity.

Huey King draws inspiration from Drake, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and G Herbo and plans of working with them one day.

Huey King has come a long way from his hometown of Toledo, Ohio.  Fans cannot get enough of his immaculate vibes, and he’s poised to become a fan favorite entertainer. Tap into his work here on his Instagram and his Spotify along with his YouTube: