As of late, Stephen A. Smith has been known mainly for his condemnation of Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving. While to viewers, it seems as if Smith’s issues with Irving stem from his refusal to get vaccinated to play, the First Take commentator said on a recent podcast that his problems with Kyrie go more profound than the vaccine. He has personal issues with the basketball star.

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Smith addressed his issues with Kyrie on a recent episode of the Mike Missandeli Podcast. He started by addressing Jay Williams’ criticism of his condemnation of Kyrie before revealing that he has personal problems with Kyrie, more so his father.

“Now Kyrie and I have our differences on a personal level, which is none of anybody’s business and I’ll never tell why,” Smith said. “He knows why. And his daddy knows why. They know how I feel about how they’ve acted towards me and they know how I feel about them and I know how they feel about me. But I can say that to anybody out there because I know that that does not interfere with my reporting on him and my perspective based off of the facts.”


Stephen A. Smith even said that he has issues with Kyrie’s father on his own podcast Know Mercy. In the clip below he says that Kyrie’s dad is not a bad personal, but can get very emotional and said things to him that were out of line.