Shocking video of teens attacking a 15-year-old in an uptown train station has spurred an NYPD hate crime investigation.

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A group yelled anti-Black slurs before brutally attacking the boy in the Manhattan subway station on Friday afternoon, police said on Monday as video of the incident circulated on social media.
Video shows a black teen attempting to board the train while a young woman in a Chicago Bulls sweatshirt forcefully pulls the teen off an A train. A large group of teens surround the teen  screaming repeatedly, “Get off” and “Ni***r Alert!!”

]The group passes at least 20 other kids and 10 adults standing on the uptown platform, video shows.


The teen tries to get back on the train, but the girl drags him off again, another teen throws a punch and then the group tackles him, the video shows.

“Fight back” someone screams in the video.

The teen tries to defend himself as he’s thrown on a bench and his glasses are knocked from his face, the video shows.

The 15-year-old’s lip was cut and, according to police, his attackers broke his glasses.

Uptown’s 34th Precinct released photos on Monday afternoon of three suspects wanted in connection to the attack.

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Comedian/Activist Rosemary Serevino is holding a ‘Call To Action’ outside of the 181st A train station where the incident occured.  “It is sad to see all these things happening to our youth.” She wrote on her Instagram page. “I don’t know all the facts but what is clear is the youth is screaming for help. We need to listen to them and do something. The city is lacking so many programs.” Severino told PIX News 11. “We’re not for bullying.”

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Comedian/Activist Rosemary Serevino

photo by Marshall Morton – @alumniine

March 14th at 2pm 181st A Train station.

Say no to racism and bullying.

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March 14th Rally against racism and bullying

Watch the boy’s mother below.

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