The Osundario Brothers, the two men hired by Jussell Smollett to orchestrate a hate crime hoax, are back in the spotlight. The two are guests on Fox Nation, aligning with the release of Fox’s new docuseries, Jussie Smollett: Anatomy of a Hoax.

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“Anatomy of a Hoax takes a deep dive into a scam that reverberated through the worlds of entertainment, pop culture and politics. We’re excited for viewers to hear the real stories behind this scandal from the Osundairo brothers for the very first time.” John Finley, Fox Nation executive vp, said in a statement about the docuseries.

The brothers reenacted the attack in the docuseries, returning to the spot they carried out the hoax, noticing the bench they waited on, the Empire star has been since removed. The two revealed they were ordered to arrive at 2:00 a.m. “on the dot” and not to have any cell phones. Smollett stated it was so they didn’t lose them; the brothers alluded to another reason, stating, “deduce your own reason.”


You can hear it from both below.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the docuseries announcement comes as Smollett has filed a new appeal for his Dec. 2021 conviction for staging a hate attack and lying to officers. Smollett has been sentenced to 150 days in jail and is currently out pending the appeal.

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