Words by: Brandon Simmons

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Earlier this year, Flo Rida won his settlement against Celsius, and now he will become their rival.  He is taking his 82.6 million dollar winnings from the lawsuit and will open his own energy drink company.  The “Low” rapper calls his new beverage, JettSet1, and it should be in stores at the top of 2024.  The drink is said to have all-natural ingredients, and Flo Rida intends to do what he did for Celsius.

In an interview with Insider, he explains that.


“Coming from the success of Celsius, when they had no name and the marketing was very little, I took that product, and I took it worldwide.  This is the thing that we wanna do with JettSet1.”

JettSet1 will be launched under the Florida native’s new company, JettSet1 Enterprises, co-founded with Dr. George Tabi and Erik Hicks.  It’s clear the rapper already has an edge in the energy drink industry as he has experience with Celsius.  JettSet1 Enterprises have plans to do business across various sectors such as real estate, health, film & television, and biotech.  

This is a perfect business venture for the “Wild Ones” rapper, as he has been known to exercise and care for his body. 

“Everyone knows me as a guy who works out.  You look at my music videos like ‘Good Feeling’ and they are a reflection of me and my healthy lifestyle.  That’s what we want JettSet1 to be.”