West Coast gangsta rap pioneer DJ Quik was recently interviewed on the All The Smoke podcast and talks about the times he was around late music icon Michael Jackson. The Compton rapper/producer says that his first run-in with MJ was during the recording of his 1991 single “Tonite.”

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Quik says that he was at Westlake Studios, where Michael recorded his epic Thriller LP, and says that MJ’s team made a strange request when he came into the studio.

“They came through, warned everybody that Michael was finna come through, and he didn’t want nobody to see him coming through or looking, right? We taking a break from the studio, and these guys come in, and they was like, ‘We about to bring somebody through here, can you turn and face the wall?'”

Nevertheless, Quik says he and his team faced the wall when he passed through the studio. He added, “It’s like damn, Mike didn’t want anyone to look at him, the f*** is this?”