Well, ok. While talking about the Ja Morant situation, Stephen A. Smith revealed why he never wants to go to strip clubs. The smell.

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“I’m not one for strip clubs,” Smith said. “I’m a bit older in this day and age, and even when I was younger, I’ve never had a proclivity for strip clubs. I never liked the smell.”

You can hear it from Stephen A. below.


Over the weekend, the New York Post published images of Ja Morant in the private room of Colorado strip club Shotgun Willies.

Sources revealed to the publication that Ja Morant visited twice over three days, spending $50,000 in tips. “The whole room is full of money — it’s literally a pile. You’d need a rake,” one source said.

Morant attended with one friend and two security guards, spending $900 to book the room for three hours. An insider stated he played “very, very gangster music.” Morant also ordered bottle service, hickory-smoked wings, two platters of chicken strips and fries, and a steak to eat while he enjoyed the company of four dancers.

Club owner Deborah Dunafon sang Morant’s praises, citing him as “exceptionally respectful.”

“He did not drink [on his second visit],” Dunafon said. “We’ve had [Denver] Nuggets and Broncos … come in and pitch quarters at the girls, be disrespectful and nasty. He’s marvelous.”

Unfortunately, Dunafon’s establishment released the images, which the Post picked up, drawing criticism online from notable figures and more.