In August of 2021, DJ Premier presented the debut episode of So Wassup? primarily as a vehicle to not only salute the floppy disk but also to document and demonstrate how the technology of the time influenced his sound and production the sound of his contemporaries as well.  However, over the lifespan of the series, which has now generated over four million unique views, So Wassup? has transformed into something much more significant. 

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At the core of So Wassup?, DJ Premier is both the orator and narrator, inclusively and informatively exploring and discussing some of his most beloved productions and collaborations as only he can.  Watching an episode of So Wassup? is akin to being a fly on the studio wall and magically transported back to when these classics were created, both from a technical perspective and a personal one.  Each episode is embedded with anecdotal gems from Preem, as the legend dissects how he put each track together musically and fascinating back stories on how these collaborations came to fruition. 

While each episode of So Wassup? is different in its specific way, as Premier states in his intro to Episode #54, “This One Is Mandatory”!  Recorded on 3-9-23 to remember the legacy of The Notorious B.I.G., Preem recounts and takes you through the complicated process of how their most celebrated collaboration, “Ten Crack Commandments,” was born.