Gunna says he isn’t running away from his problems, likely with his alleged snitching, and instead will fight it out, head in a new song snippet.

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HipHopDX notes Gunna’s friend Brittany Reshun shared the snippet on social media, where the rapper can be heard letting fans know he isn’t going anywhere.

“Heard the rumors said I’m packing up and flying out
We ain’t going nowhere I’m staying here, gone fight it out
I meant like f*ck it Let’s just give these n**gas dark clouds
Been gone for months And I just keep seeing these dark clouds”

In February, someone impersonated Gunna for a YouTube prank, which saw men running the fake version of the hitmaker out of a mall while blasting him with snitch allegations.


In the video, fake Gunna is seeking the attention of mall patrons before he gets called a “rat” and heckled by others. Gunna would next get chased through the mall.

Akademiks caught his IG story as the belief it was really him began to stir online.