Over the weekend, Donald Glover’s new show Swarm trended online. Aside from the sex scene with Damson Idris and Chloe Bailey, conversations centered around stan culture and the clear comparison that the celebrity featured is a spoof of Beyoncé.

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With Swarm still racking up watchers, the question is, has Beyoncé seen the show herself? According to series co-creator Janine Nabers, she has seen the production.

Speaking at an SXSW panel, Nabers answered, “of course,” when asked had Queen Bey saw it. She also told the SXSW crowd that she had no more than she could state about it.


The striking show will sure get stan’s circles going, but Nabers says she and Glover weren’t attempting to send a message.

“It think it just exists in the world,” Nabers said, according to Variety. “And people can interpret it the way that they want to. We hope it inspires people in some way to create weird punk shit, or to talk to other people about the weird punk thing they just saw.”