Comedian Marlon Wayans chopped it up with Big Boy for BigBoy TV and talked about his new stand-up special, and cracked jokes about having a “bone to pick” with JAY-Z for not being invited to the coveted Roc Nation brunch.

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Almost 10 minutes into the interview, the youngest of the Wayans family joked about the brunch snub, saying, “I get in Diddy party all the time. Diddy hit me, ‘Aye, like dat, come through, Ciroc, Deleon, take dat, take dat shot, come have a good time.’ Always! JAY-Z… crickets, crickets. And I be looking at that brunch like, ‘How the hell did he get in there?!’ You be having all these worthless ass people in this damn brunch.”

Wayans continued,  “Jay-Z is a funny dude. He listen to the streets. You ever hear that song, ‘Streets Is Watching?’ Jay-Z be listening to the streets, so all we gotta do is talk about this and I guarantee you next year, I’m going to get an invite to the… and you gon’ be my plus 1.”