Last year a woman claiming to be Kim Porter’s niece filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Sean’ Diddy’ Combs, Tri Star Sports, and others. The woman claims she became a full-time nanny to Diddy’s twins after Kim passed away in November 2018. Jane Roe says she was fired 2 years later when she requested maternity leave. Roe claims she was told through Diddy’s reps she was canned because she was pregnant and unmarried — which “purportedly set a bad example” for his daughters.

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Now Diddy wants his accuser’s name to be made public…

Radar Online reports:


Diddy rushed back to court after his ex-nanny pleaded for her name to remain anonymous in their bitter court battle, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, the music mogul has objected to his ex-employee’s request to continue using Jane Roe as a pseudonym in the case.

Diddy and Roe have been going back and forth over her being allowed to remain anonymous for weeks.

Recently, Roe asked the court to deny Diddy’s request she reveals her identity. She said the mogul’s reason for wanting her name is to “harass her and invite societal and professional harm to her and her family.

Roe said she is, “Desperate to preserve the privacy she had left, terrified of possible physical harm to her and her minor children, and fearful of further victim shaming, blaming, and retaliation.”

Now, Diddy has filed documents opposing Roe’s motion. He said that Roe has failed to provide evidence that the media will “invade” her privacy or that of her children.