It appears that a tough road is ahead for ESPN. Front Office Sports notes Disney, ESPN’s parent company, is getting ready to undergo corporate restructuring. The company will save 7,000 jobs and $5.5 billion in costs in doing so.

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Speaking on the matters was Stephen A. Smith, who took to his K[no}W Mercy podcast and detailed that everyone could be impacted.

“Have you all been paying attention to the business landscape? Disney itself announced that over 7,000 employees are going to be let go,” Smith said. “ESPN is under the Disney umbrella. They’re going to have cuts coming.”


Adding in to the severity of the financial situation, Smith added, “Hell, for all I know, I might be one of them. Now I doubt that. But it’s possible. No one knows.”

Smith has been giving his insight on a wide variety of topics lately. While talking about the Ja Morant situation, Stephen A. Smith revealed why he never wants to go to strip clubs. The smell.

“I’m not one for strip clubs,” Smith said. “I’m a bit older in this day and age, and even when I was younger, I’ve never had a proclivity for strip clubs. I never liked the smell.”

You can hear it from Stephen A. below.