J.I.D met Hov while he was fittingly off the D’USSE. Appearing on the Throwing Fits podcast, the Dreamville rapper detailed what it was like when he first met JAY-Z.

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J.I.D revealed that he won’t try to keep his cool when he meets people that he is a big fan of.

“I tweaked out when I met JAY-Z,” J.I.D opened. The host joked that it was a good thing that he wasn’t lit off D’USSE, only for the rapper to confirm he was.


“I met him a couple years ago, he said what’s up, that was calm. But this time when I met him, he was like, ‘yo congrats on the album. I really f— with it.'”

J.I.D said his mind then started to race, but he could only get out a “thank you.”

You can hear it all below.