NLE Choppa is back with another banger. This time, Choppa brings in Lil Wayne for the new single “Ain’t Gonna Answer.”

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The new release brings an intense display of wordplay and audio energy ahead of NLE Choppa’s Cottonwood 2 album, which will arrive on April 14.

“Tell me baby, what we doin’, what we doin’? Makin’ money,” Choppa raps on the single. “What they doin’ hatin’ on us? If they want it, take it from me.”


Earlier this month, NLE Choppa made his comeback with a brand-new, aggressive crowd-pleaser called “Mo Up Front.”

The anthem is the most recent single from the rapper’s eagerly awaited Cottonwood 2 album. It is quick, aggressive, and immediately catchy. Cottonwood 2 is set to release this coming spring.

The rising rapper builds an evocative image of life in the fast lane, adding: “Trafficking the snow bunny, running through a bag o’ honey — tell ‘em that I know money, I need some mo upfront.” 

You can tap into the single and video below.