In the much-talked-about new reality TV show ‘Queens of R&B’ Xscape singer Tamika Scott accuses her sister LaTocha and her husband / manager Rocky Bivens of stealing her royalty checks. The accusation has caused a whirlwind response of people pleading with Latocha to pay her sister what she owes her and fix their relationship.

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In a recent interview Tamika reveals exactly how her sister and husband allegedly swindled her out of her money during a time she needed it most. The Xscape member also reveals how she found out.

Tamika says it began after Xscape singer Tiny’s mother, Diane Cottle, found out about a royalty distribution service for recording artists and signed Xscape up to receive checks.


After a particularly large check arrived Tiny’s mom called Tamika to congratulate her, but that was the first time Tamika had heard anything about it.

Tiny’s mother did some digging and found out Tamika’s address at the distribution center had been changed from her address in New York to her mother’s address in Atlanta, where LaTocha and Rocky were staying, and that the checks had been cashed through Rocky’s bank account with Tameka’s signature forged on the back of the checks.
Watch the video below.