Rihanna’s driver’s car wasn’t the only one stolen over the weekend. Jhene Aiko’s car was stolen from a valet stand while she was out for dinner.

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According to TMZ, Aiko was at Tasty Noodle House in Los Angeles, driving her white 2020 Range Rover to the venue. Aiko gave her keys to the valet driver and saw them being taken away. When she returned to get her SUV, it was nowhere to be found.

Officers stated there was an extra set of keys inside the SUV, making for an easy getaway for the car cleptomaniac.


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The 20-song collection perfects Sleep Soul’s signature fusion of translucent and soothing R&B melodies with white, pink, and brown noise soundscapes perfectly crafted to lull you and your baby into sleep for the night. Each track was also executive produced by multiplatinum R&B trailblazer Jhené Aiko, a proud mom herself. In regards to Sleep Soul, Aikonoted, “I’m super excited to partner with Sleep Soul to share this R&B lullaby album. As a mom of a newborn, I can really appreciate anything that helps me and my baby boy get to sleep. These R&B lullaby tracks help soothe and relax Mom, Dad and baby. Being a part of a project like this is important to me because I believe sleep is essential for the well being of both parent and child.” 

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