Following his arrest for allegedly assaulting a woman, Jonathan Majors’s U.S. Army campaign has been pulled from television. Majors was the lead in the army’s return of the “Be All You Can Be” campaign.

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Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the U.S. Army Enterprise Marketing Office released a statement: “The U.S. Army is aware of the arrest of Jonathan Majors, and we are deeply concerned by the allegations surrounding his arrest. While Mr. Majors is innocent until proven guilty, prudence dictates that we pull our ads until the investigation into these allegations is complete.”

On Saturday, Majors was arrested in New York City following a domestic dispute. The woman involved was Majors’ girlfriend, who told police they argued after seeing a text from another woman. She stated Majors would grab her arms and wrap his hands around her neck during the argument.


According to Majors’ lawyer Priya Chaudhry, the woman has retracted her statements and alludes to a video is available that would further clear his name. Majors was charged with two counts of third-degree assault, second-degree aggravated harassment, and lesser charges of attempted third-degree assault.

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