Damson Idris is one of the most in-demand names in Hollywood right now. Speaking with Complex about the end of his run in Snowfall, working on SWARM, and more, the actor revealed that he has a tight bond with JAY-Z, which included Hov being a reference on his green card.

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After asking journalist Speedy Morman how he knew Hov did that for him, Idris revealed Hov has “done many things for me over the years.”

“He’s always supported me. He supports everyone. He supports so many people that you don’t even know. Like, genuinely I should tell everyone this right now. If you ever run into Jay-Z, just say thank you and keep it moving because he is definitely a pioneer of the culture, but of everything. And I’ve never told him this, but he’s a huge idol of mine. Thank you for that reference. I won’t tell you how it happened, because there are a couple more favors I might need in the future. But yeah, he hooked me up with that.”

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