According to a report from TMZ, former Death Row Records CEO Marion “Suge” Knight and his brother Brian Brown are joining forces for. television project that is slated to begin shooting this summer.

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It is being reported that the series will be similar to 50 Cent’s BMF series, with plot points about Suge’s early life before he began to terrorize the Hip Hop industry.

Knight is currently serving a 28-year sentence for taking Terry Carter’s life in 2015, but has been taking his time in handpicking the actors, especially when it comes to the role of Tupac Shakur, according to a source close to Suge. The source claims that Suge is looking for acting skills over resemblance for whoever plays Shakur, but contends that they must have his style and mannerisms.


Knight has yet to speak on the production detailing his life, but you can bet that when his team gets the green light, he will be “all up in the videos” this time around!

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