The Source has announced a new docuseries exploring 50 years of Hip-Hop through two iconic luminaries of Hip-Hop culture. Titled How It Started/How It’s Going, the new series will pair a member of the new generation with one of the classic era.

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Together, the two titans will share their thoughts, experiences, and insights with Hip-Hop in conversation.

Throughout the series, The Source will examine the culture of Hip-Hop by their cultural hubs across the nation, the impact of poetry on the culture, the role and history of DJs, the lore of hit records, the evolution of fashion and art, and the incredible touch of women that has developed the culture to what it is today.


In addition, The Source will host a series, The Law & Hip-Hop, which will be hosted by L. Londell McMillan, entertainment attorney and owner and publisher of The Source Magazine and The Northstar Group. During McMillan’s career, he has represented Lil’ Kim, Prince, LL Cool J, Nas, Kanye West, the estate of Christopher Wallace, and more.

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The North Star Group’s Owner and Publisher, L. Londell McMillan

Stay tuned to The Source’s website and social channels as its celebration of the 50th year of Hip-Hop will kick off on Hip-Hop’s true birthday of August 11.