R&B/Pop singer Jason Derulo is keeping busy these days.  He now has a new talent show called Project Icon.  Formed with his business partner, Frank Harris, the “Wiggle” singer wanted the talent show to be more relatable to the music industry. 

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Unlike other talent-seeking shows, Project Icon focuses on helping the contestants make music that performs well on social media. They also teach the artists how to perfect their brands.

The ten contestants will also be critiqued on their interview skills and relatability.  The winner of Project Icon will record a song with Derulo and perform at Radio 1’s Big Weekend.  The winner will also be signed to Derulo’s label, Future History.


Based in the UK, Project Icon will air six episodes starting on March 26th on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.  The contestants are all from the UK as they specialize in different genres such as country, hip hop, rock, and R&B.  Some of the artists already have a fan base, and some are unknown. They will be judged by Becky Hill, Harris, and Derulo himself.

Social media, mainly TikTok, is the reason for this show.  The “Whatcha Say” singer has built a following on TikTok, amassing over 50 million followers.  The popular social platform has helped further his career. It also proves that the music industry has changed and is more than just about music.

Derulo makes a statement about his new show and the current music industry:

“The world of music has changed and being a superstar with staying power today requires a lot more than just singing.  Project Icon is the first TV show that will challenge contestants on all realistic skills an artist today should have for a real shot at being an Icon.”