Blac Chyna has been going through a very public spiritual cleansing which included removing her face fillers, a baphomet tattoo, getting baptized, and even removed her 3-inch stiletto nails.

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But now the new and improved—Angela White is ready to reveal the real reason she removed her butt shots/augmentation.

Angela reveals her health was in danger.


Now, 34, Blac Chyna told Access Hollywood that she received illegal silicone injections in her butt when she was 19 and that the person who did the injections did not warn her that she could die from complications. Blac Chyna says her bottom had become inflamed, rock hard and sometimes got really, really hot.

The doctor took 1250 CC of silicone out of Blac Chyna’s butt and she was ten pounds lighter after the procedure.

Blac Chyna, who prefers to be called by her birth name Angela White, hopes her transparency will help others avoid her mistakes. She is using her popularity to give back while she shares her journey.Keep going Angela, we are all rooting for you!