Once upon a time, not long ago, when people talked finances, it was a “no-go”. No one taught us how to make money grow, and we were left in the dark, with no place to go.

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But one man knew the power of education, of music and technology, and the youth’s imagination. “The Rundown” was his name, and he saw the need, to inspire and empower the next generation to succeed.

In the golden age of hip-hop, Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” spoke to a generation that was left in the dark about finances. Decades later, the need for financial literacy is still pressing, especially as technology continues to reshape our lives. Enter a creative director and entrepreneur named Kiarash Behain, aka “The Rundown.” Like many of his peers, he grew up without any guidance on how to make money or manage it. But instead of resigning himself to the status quo, he used his creativity and tech savvy to build a platform that educates and inspires the next generation. Through “The Rundown” and the Lil’ Hippo project, he’s empowering young people to take charge of their financial futures, one lesson at a time.

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Through social audio rooms and other platforms, The Rundown has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn about cryptocurrency, investing, and more. But he didn’t stop there. He saw the potential for a new generation of creators and entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital world, and he wanted to give them a head start. That’s why he created Lil’ Hippo.

The inspiration for the Lil’ Hippo NFT project came from a heartwarming moment between The Rundown and his family. One day, while he was doing a live audio room about Bitcoin on a social audio app, his niece was visiting and overheard the conversation. She asked “What’s Bitcoin?” and before he could even answer her question, his son, who had been listening to him do live audio rooms about financial literacy and cryptocurrency for the past few months, answered her question in his own way. This moment inspired The Rundown to realize that children have a chance to learn too.

The Rundown connected this concept with music, which had also played a formative role in his family’s life. As a father to two teenage kids, he used to play music in the car while driving them years ago while they sat in car seats. He casually would play songs and years later, he would be surprised to see that they were playing the same songs on their own in their rooms. These happenings gave him the idea about generational wealth and how things are passed on. Well, he didn’t know that he was passing on his taste in music subliminally. He also didn’t know that his conversations about crypto and financial literacy on social audio apps were being heard by his kids too.This realization inspired The Rundown to create the Lil’ Hippo project, which combines his love of education, technology, financial literacy, and music. The project is designed to help the next generation enter the Metaverse by providing them with a head start in the future of finances through technology.

The Rundown hosts weekly workshops for youth ages 8-18 in a private Lil’ Hippo kids community, where they can learn about financial literacy, technology, and music. Lil’ Hippo has also ventured into clothing and plans to release a tell-all book titled “The Story of Lil’ Hippo,” as well as children’s books, a documentary, and more. Lil’ Hippo has even become the first NFT project to executive produce music, films, and more.

The story of Lil’ Hippo is page-turning. When the NFT collection was released, it was a huge success, but then the project faced countless attacks from haters and doubters, with public minting being stopped multiple times after its launch.

“This project was created to help the youth, and there were adult bullies acting more like kids than kids. How ironic is that?” Behain said, laughing off the negativity.

The documentary and official tell-all story will go into great detail about the occurrences of defamation, blackmail, and sabotage that took place. The creators are currently in discussions with various directors and production companies to ensure that the story is told with accuracy and precision. The documentary will shed light on the true nature of the individuals involved and provide a comprehensive account of their actions, motivations, and the impact they had on the project and its community. No stone will be left unturned as the documentary will delve deep into the intricacies of the events that transpired. It promises to be a revealing and captivating account that will provide a cautionary tale about the dangers of jealousy, hatred, and greed.

Despite the negativity, Lil’ Hippo persevered, and its victory brought forth overwhelming support and good vibes.

Today, Lil’ Hippo has grown into the most empowering NFT project out there. The project has attracted a wider range of positive attention and a community of over 2,300 holders.The Lil’ Hippo collection features 10,000 unique and dope NFTs, each with its own backstory, personality, and Hip Hop style. The collection is aimed at educating and inspiring the youth about financial literacy through the power of music. Each NFT owner gains access to exclusive content, such as private communities, virtual events, digital workshop access for the holders and their children, collaborations and more.

The Lil’ Hippo NFT project is an inspiring example of using creativity, technology, and music to empower the next generation. If you’re interested in being a part of this groundbreaking project, visit the Lil’ Hippo website to learn more and join the movement. Also, take a look at the collection held by the community on Opensea.

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