For Women’s History Month, The Source connected with Raequael Patterson, the owner and creator of One Pumped Mama. One Pumped Mama is a community and lifestyle brand developed for moms who pump.

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One Pumped Mama offers premium products to enhance a mother’s breastfeeding journey and beyond. “My goal is to show the world that motherhood doesn’t have to be dull; it can be done in style,” Patterson said.

In conversation with The Source, Patterson details the creation of One Pumped Mama, creating the project, the power of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, and more.


What led to the idea of One Pumped Mama?

One Pumped Mama was inspired as an off-shoot from my previous online community Pump Mama Pump, which was a place where I encouraged and motivated moms who exclusively pumped on their breastfeeding journey. My journey started with my baby being born 6 weeks early, at 34 weeks, and having to pump exclusively while he was in the NICU. I had no prior lactation education and wanted to equip women with the tools to pump as a form of breastfeeding successfully exclusively. To date, I have exclusively pumped for all three of my children, providing me with over 5 years of pumping experience. While on my journey, I realized that there were limited products that would provide functionality, style, and versatility to the breastfeeding journey and beyond. I decided to engage my community in a new way and offer products that would offer these three components to our journey while simultaneously talking about “Life after the Pump.” One Pumped Mama serves as a community that provides mamas with pumping accessories that don’t scream “breast pump bag” and are versatile and chic enough to use beyond their breastfeeding journey. Inspiring mamas to be “Pumped” about all things breastfeeding and motherhood is one of my goals for One Pumped Mama. 

How hard was it to create the actual product?

Creating products was no easy feat for me, mainly because I have no background experience in supply chain management, no contacts with vendors or manufacturers, etc. I literally only had a concept and took it from prototype to production. I knew I wanted all my products to be ethically produced, which was extremely important to me. Since there is a 12-hr time difference between where the products were produced, I would spend many late nights and early mornings researching and talking with the manufacturer about what components I needed for each product. I started by providing drawings to the manufacturers and then receiving prototypes. After receiving the prototypes, I would make adjustments and send them to the manufacturers for a second round of prototypes. When the products met my standards and were tested by me and a few influencers, I would get them mass-produced, which would take approximately 45-60 days, and then an additional 45 days to be delivered in the United States. I was able to finance the production of my products through my 401(k) and savings, and I am looking to evolve the brand with new products in the near future. 

What would you suggest for someone looking to explore your products as the first item to purchase?

For someone looking to explore the One Pumped Mama brand products, I would want them to know that our products are Premium products for moms on the go that will outlast their breastfeeding journey. Our products were created for the mom that does not want to sacrifice style for functionality as a mom. The versatility of our products is unmatched.

How do you manage juggling both motherhood and entrepreneurship?

Being a mom and an entrepreneur are two of my greatest joys. I have an amazing support team, especially my Husband, who assists with both journeys. What I have learned in juggling both journeys is to ask for help. There are some things that I would love to do alone, but I realize that many hands make the load light(er). Both journeys are essential, and I must ensure that I handle both with care and consistency. Lately, keeping a task list and calendar have been vital to motherhood and entrepreneurship and have allowed me to see what needs to be prioritized in both roles. 

What did you learn about business and yourself in developing One Pumped Mama?

Developing One Pumped Mama taught me that innovation is essential in any business. I realize that I have to be fluid in my expectations for my business and open to change even if it does not yield the results I intended for my target audience. Regarding personal development, I learned that I am determined and tenacious when it comes to solving problems. I’ve also learned to take a moment to reflect on all that I have accomplished in a short span of time and not compare my process to anyone else’s.

What would be the next step in your business journey?

WOW, so many things are on the horizon for One Pumped Mama. We are in the prototype phase for new products to be released this year that will assist in making the motherhood journey easier and more stylish for mamas. We are looking at some local boutiques and brands to collaborate with, as well as growing our community and target audience to make One Pumped Mama a trusted brand in the breastfeeding community.