Residents in Glynn County, Georgia are outraged over the brutal torture of a 19-year-old student that left him in intensive care unit on a ventilator.

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The prep school students posted disturbing videos showing their gruesome acts online.

Screenshots show Trent Lehrkamp slumped over in a chair after consuming a large amount of alcohol at a friend’s house on March 21.


Trent “had spray paint all over his body and hair, with a small bruise on his left shoulder,” according to the police report. The teenagers reportedly urinated on him and defecated in his lap.

Four smiling teens are seen standing behind the chair making obscene hand gestures toward the camera.

Police tracked down 20 “minors”, but there have been no arrests.

Residents say the “minors” responsible for Trent’s torture are well-to-do children from prominent families.

“The citizens of Glynn County are mostly very good people, hardworking people,” Glynn County Interim Police Chief O’Neal Jackson III told reporters. “This is an isolated incident and don’t judge Glynn County by one group of juvenile teens.”

Jackson said Trent was dumped at the hospital with a blood alcohol level nearly six times the legal limit. He was intubated and placed on a ventilator because he was unable to breathe on his own.

Trent’s father, Mark Lehrkamp told police of two previous hazing incidents. He said his son returned from the same friend’s house on March 17 “covered in WD-40, vomit, paint, glue, egg yolk and spray paint,” an incident report shows.

A few weeks prior, Trent suffered a “severe laceration” above his left eye that needed stitches after visiting the same home, his father said.

Mark said Trent went back to the house because he didn’t have many friends.

The Glynn County Police Department is asking anyone with information to contact them via phone or email: 912-264-1333 or