In Ghost Season 2, Reggie “Redman” Noble portrayed the character Theo, but social media was wondering why the MC has been replaced on the show?

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Fans were shocked to see Theo return in season 3, portrayed by another actor. Jordan Mahome has taken over as Davis’ older brother. The Get Down actor does an amazing job in the role. However, fans were shocked.

“Come on #Power y’all really thought y’all could switch out Redman character and we wouldn’t notice as black viewers,” one fan said on Twitter.


Neither showrunner Brett Mahoney, who took over for Courtney Kemp, nor executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has released a statement about Redman’s absence. However, it’s likely that this was a matter of scheduling conflicts.

Still, fans are eager to see how things with Theo and Davis play out, especially since Saxe (Shane Johnson) now knows the truth about his business partner’s connection to Theo.

It was originally the idea of series creator Courtney A. Kemp to bring in Redman to portray Method Man’s brother. The latter immediately liked the idea and gave his approval. After all, he and Redman have worked on multiple projects together in the past. “It’s always dope to work with somebody you’ve worked with over the years, but just not somebody that you’ve always worked with, but someone that you trust as far as stage performances and things like that,” Method Man explained in an interview with Vibe. “So anytime you put Redman and Method Man on-screen together, not only are you going to get chemistry, you going to get synergy, as well as professionalism.”

Watch Redman in the clip below.

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