Allan Coye, Interval Presents’ GM and SVP of Digital Strategy & Business Development at Warner Music Group, discovered an opportunity where investing in a podcast platform would bridge a portion of the content gap between music labels and digital streaming platforms. His business model and case study would lead to the birth of Warner Music Group’s in-house podcast network, Interval Presents in April 2022. 

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“We do our best to create authentic content that resonates with people who enjoy music, culture and social impact,” said Coye. Those core tenants formed the thesis around everything we do.” 

Interval Present currently distributes cultural renowned podcasts such as Elliot Wilson and B-Dot’s Rap Radar Podcast, N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champs and Eboni K William’s Holding Court podcast. The aforementioned big three adequately galvanizes listeners who enjoy unique storytelling mediums of the culture. With Rap Radar, Coye speaks to their journalistic niche. 


“Their lens stems from journalistic credibility, and there is a lane that remains for that,” states Coye. 

While that specific medium in the podcast arena was not necessarily missing, Coye’s mission was to work with its creators to re engage Rap Radar’s listeners following their multi-year hiatus. 

On the other hand, the objective for Drink Champs was expansion – to different audiences as well as an overall brand. With Holding Court Coye was fascinated by Eboni K. William’s multi-faceted niche as a podcaster. 

“I met Eboni and her content was so differentiating,” says Allan. “Then there’s a teachable element where she delivers so much knowledge. She makes it both interesting and funny.” 

Discovering content partners was one phase of the kick-off process. The next according to Allan Coye, was to learn from best-in-class partners. Interval Presents partnered with the No. 1 Podcast Publisher, iHeartMedia back in September 2022 to best optimize and scale the platform. 

Now the platform is preparing to launch four additional shows later this year with two featuring Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and multi-platinum artist, Jason Derulo.

“We’re focused on continuing the momentum of the shows we have now, launching new shows later this year, said Coye. “In addition, we are constantly finding new voices and other programming that we can bring to light next year.”