Museum of Graffiti announces the opening of a novel exhibition presenting art works created with air pollution. The exhibit, entitled Reduce, Reuse, Remix: Graffiti Art for a Better Earth will open on Earth Day, April 22, 2023, and will exclusively present studio pieces of local artists who were seeded AIR-INK writing utensils.  AIR-INK technology starts by attaching filters to exhaust pipes on cars, generators, etc. to capture air pollution before it hits the environment. The sequestered soot then goes through a purification process and is converted into ink. The result is that PM 2.5 and PM 10 emissions which would have otherwise been in the lungs of millions of people will now be resting beautifully as art at the Museum of Graffiti.  

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Viewers of the show can expect to see reclaimed found objects in addition to the AIR-INK in some of the pieces.  One of the participating artists, Ahol Sniffs Glue, a well-known Cuban-American multidisciplinary artist is no stranger to this concept. Ahol, born David Anasagasti, has recently gained local notoriety for his work creating sustainable art. Anasagasti, regularly rides his bike and assists in cleaning up the streets of Miami by painting pieces of improperly discarded trash which collectors rush to acquire as newly minted art. Additional exhibiting artists include AbstrkDaniel Fila (“Krave”)NicoSeroGustavo Oviedo, and more. 

All participating artists, were gifted the AIR-INK materials to use by Rabble Wine Company, which takes a planet-first mentality in its work by reducing water usage, decreasing pesticides, protecting natural vineyard ecosystems, reducing carbon emissions, and working with, rather than against, Mother Nature. 


Rabble will host the grand opening celebration at the Museum of Graffiti on Earth Day, April 22, 2023 at 7:30 PM, where guests can meet the artists, sample its responsibly produced wine, take part in sustainable interactive activities, and bid on up-cycled bottle art with 100% of proceeds to benefit The CLEO Institute, the only women-led nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in Florida exclusively dedicated to climate education, advocacy, and engagement.  

Daniel Dietch, Board President of The CLEO Institute and former Mayor of Surfside stated, “It is great to see Museum of Graffiti leverage new technology and its expertise in art to raise awareness for important environmental issues. We are fortunate to have an organization in our community doing this work.”