The story seemed like it was written for Caitlin Clark, but truly, Kim Mulkey, Angel Reese, and the LSU Tigers held the pen. The Tigers beat the Iowa Hawkeyes 102-85 to win their first NCAA national championship.

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Guard Jasmine Carson powered the Tigers to the win in the highest-scoring national title game of all time. Dallas roared as both teams battled, but the LSU portion of the crowd grew louder as the game ended.

“I already knew [Iowa guard Caitlin Clark] could score 50; you still ain’t gonna beat us as a team,” LSU freshman Flau’jae Johnson said to ESPN. “We just put 100 on the board. You’ve got to look at the stat sheet.”


Clark would drop 30 and 8 assists but was hampered by foul trouble. Reese had 15 and 10, notching the most double-doubles in a single NCAA season at 34. Alexis Morris added 21, Carson 22, Johnson 10.

Carson spoke about her sharpshooting, stating, “It was just my night.”

“Everybody knew if Jasmine was on, we’re winning the natty,” Johnson said. “She’s a sharpshooter; that’s what she does.”

The Tigers did grab that Natty. And Reese had a simple message at the end: “You can’t see me.”

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