Earlier this week, Donald Trump’s attorney Alina Habba shockingly compared the Former President to late pop icon Tupac Shakur, but the “Thug Life” figure’s younger sister says that the comparison and absurd.

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Set Shakur said in an interview with TMZ, “My brother was measured by his integrity, his principles and personal and collective responsibility,” while calling Habba’s comments “blasphemous”.

Set says that ‘Pac took responsibility during his 1994 rape trial, adding that Trump has shown no responsibility for what he’s being charged with.


Trump’s attorney asserts that Trump’s arrest would boost his numbers in the polls, similar to how ‘Pac’s record sales skyrocketed following his one year prison stint in an NYC prison. Habba made this comparison on the same day that Trump flew to NYC to be arrested and indicted on fraud charges. Set contends that Tupac’s popularity didn’t grow because of his incarceration, but instead because his fans “were able to measure him by his words and actions that aligned.”

Shakur says that Trump’s attorney maybe using his name to attract ‘Pac fans for support and she’s hopeful that their ploy has no impact.