LSU basketball superstar Angel Reese heard First Lady Jill Biden suggest both her team and Caitlyn Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes should come to the White House. Typically, only the championship winner makes the visit, so Reese wasn’t feeling it.

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Appearing on The Paper Route Podcast, a segment of I AM ATHLETE, Reese shot back, stating her team prefers to visit the Obamas.

Biden’s original reason for inviting both, primarily Iowa, was “because they played such a good game.” The final score was 102-85.


A rep for Jill Biden apologized, but Reese was standing firm. “I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t accept the apology because you said what you said. And you can’t go back on certain things that you say,” Reese said on the show.

She added, “I mean, you felt like they should’ve came because of sportsmanship, right? They can have that spotlight. We’ll go to the Obamas. We’ll see Michelle. We’ll see Barack.”

The LSU program revealed they would accept a White House invite, so now it’s up to Reese and her teammates to join.

Caitlin Clark also found it quite weird; appearing on ESPN, she said, “I think LSU should enjoy that moment for them.”

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