After enduring a tumultuous journey to fame, popular Asian American recording artists Star2 and $tupid Young ushered in the new wave of international hip-hop with the release of the wide-awaking new EP titled Different Breed — on EMPIRE/Star2MusicGroup.

The six-track collection explores deep-cut experiences involving violence, gang culture, and police brutality, all of which Star2 and $tupid Young had to overcome to make it as musicians. For the EP, the two pioneering artists enlist a stacked lineup of collaborators, includingLil Poppa (signed with Yo Gotti’s CMG label) and MB Nel, another force in the Asian-American hip-hop community.

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Different Breed cement Star2 and $tupid Young’s status as the guiding forces on the Asian hip-hop scene, and it’s only a matter of time before more musicians follow in their footsteps. “For us, the EP comes at a crossroads in our career as we hope to pioneer the next wave of Asian rap,” $tupid Young says plainly.

“I want more Asian artists to break out and succeed,” Star2 says in the press release.