Alex Leon is no stranger when it comes to experimental sounds of music. His unorthodox flow creates a mysterious aura, attracting a diverse base of listeners. 

Originally from Miami, Florida, artist L3o goes above and beyond to create a unique and tasteful sound. His sonic captivating delivery has been perfected over the years since he began making music in 2015. Projects such as Don’t Give a Fuck provide a point of view many upcoming artists can relate to. Letting go to achieve something greater. Artistically, the song brings together a unique flow, witty lyrics and a melody that complements the productions making the perfect marriage of a timeless track. L3o shows he’s not afraid to stop out of the box and experiment with new sounds.  The prism changes from what you can usually hear, and it’s always good to find a new source to draw from when looking to feed on aesthetics as ambitious as the one presented here. The piece lives very well and carries the colors of an ambitious music. 

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