Days after he shared a photo next to Donald Trump, DJ Akademiks signed an exclusive streaming deal with a right-winged streaming company named Rumble.

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The streaming factory hosts controversial and right winged companies like Sean Hannity and Donald Trump’s Truth Social. The company that bills itself as “immune to cancel culture” announces that Akademiks will be on the platform “three to five days a week,” sharing his take on top headlines and continuing to cover Hip-Hop.

“I look forward to being one of the first to bring music and cultural conversations to a platform like Rumble,” Akademiks said. “There have been many bad decisions at larger platforms where they haven’t put creators first and they are disconnected to the community. I feel now is an inflection point for streaming platforms. I couldn’t be more excited to lead this effort on a platform that puts creators first.”


Rumble Chairman and CEO Chri Pavlovski added, “Akademiks is one of the most influential personalities in the hip hop and cultural world. Having him on Rumble sends a big statement to the other platforms on how serious we are in getting into different channels of content, from sports to music to culture.”

In a less-official statement, AK hit Twitter and sent a warning shot to those speaking against his new deal:

All y’all hop hop niggas keep it cute.. cuz when I start bombing on y’all for 365 days straight y’all claim I’m obsessed and do too much. I’m still the same Nigga ain’t nothing change but where I’m finna stream. I’m still violating any of y’all.. who even breathe wrong at me.

Matter of fact lemme record a Off The Record pod bout sum shit.. ain’t finna be tweeting back n forth wit u bitch ass Niggas … be out in a few hours.. imma check some of these lil niggas. Oh yeah and still stream later on rumble.

Fresh off an indictment, Donald Trump and Big Ak were on hand at UFC 287 in Miami, which made for a Kodak moment between the two.

“Might have to take up Uncle Trump on his offer of being His Vice President 2024. Bruh told me ‘no way you’d be worse than Kamala,’” wrote on the picture of his Cageside moment.

The pockets of Hip-Hop support continue to rise after Trump was arraigned on Tuesday (Apr. 4), pleading not guilty to 34 felonies of falsification of business records. His charges made an impact on Hip-Hop, with many offering their opinions on social media. That included Kodak Black, who received a pardon from Trump as he left office.

Hitting Instagram Live, Black sounded off.

“I feel like these people on some other s—. So they gon’ try to get Trump out the way ’cause Trump a stand-up n—a, he a real n—a. He’ll let a b—h do anything. Trump a real n—a., man, a soldier.”

You can hear Kodak break it all down below.