Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter recently threatened to sue gossip vlogger Tasha K after an old interview resurfaced of a man claiming to be Kevin’s lover. Now he’s coming out swinging, sending a legal team after Tasha K for rehashing an old story about his relationship with a former business associate.

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The Sun reports:

WENDY Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter said he is planning to file a defamation lawsuit after a singer accused him of being abusive during an alleged affair.


Wendy’s ex Kevin, 50, exclusively told The U.S. Sun that the allegations against him by Falstar, whose real name is Aveon Williams, are not only untrue but they’re also old.

Claims by Falstar of being in a sexually abusive relationship with Kevin appeared to have been repacked and re-circulated Friday by the blogger Tasha K, who interviewed the singer on her Unwine With Tasha K YouTube channel in 2019.

“I am preparing for a defamation lawsuit. Anybody that knows me, and this is no disrespect to LGBTQ community, they know where I’m at with it.”

Kevin went on to say “I am a straight alpha male.”

Wendy’s ex-husband said that when the interview with Falstar initially ran, he didn’t personally acknowledge it and that it came as he was in the middle of his divorce from Wendy.

“Everyone was trying to discredit my character at the time, and Falstar has since said he’s sorry.”

Kevin took aim at the blogger specifically and said: “I am preparing my legal team, because three years later, she wants to unearth something that is inaccurate because why, it’s a slow Friday?”

Wendy’s ex claimed that he was helping to develop Falstar as a singer and that the business relationship eventually soured.

Kevin alleged that as news broke that his mistress Sharina Hudson was having his love child and Wendy was in the process of divorcing him, he believed Falstar saw an opportunity and came up with this “cockamamie story.”

Watch the explosive video below.

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