The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings series is definitely the one to watch. And just when you think you have seen everything you possibly can from Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, he stomps a player during the game.

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Monday night, the Warriors dropped game 2 in Sacramento 114-106, making a hard road for the defending make it out of the first round. The Warriors committed numerous turnovers and in the end just flat out lost.

But, lets get to it. Draymond stompped Domantas Sabonis in the fourth quarter. It all unfolded when Sabonis fell and grabbed Green’s leg. As the rest of both teams headed back up court, Draymond was able to shake his leg free but then stomped on Sabonis’ chest.


Speaking after the game, Sabonis said, “There is no room for that in our game today.” A postgame examination says the star forward avoided injury.

Green offered his own explanation. “My leg got grabbed — the second time in two nights — and the referee is just watching. I got to land my foot somewhere, and I’m not the most flexible person, so it’s not stretching that far. … I can only step so far with someone pulling my leg away.”

He added, “I guess ankle grabbing is OK.”

Klay Thompson said to ESPN, “What are you going to do when someone grabs your foot when you’re running full speed? That’s not cool. I’m not saying what Draymond did was right, but you can’t just grab somebody’s foot taking off in a full sprint.”

In the game, Green was given a automatic ejection via a Flagrant 2 foul. Sabonis received a Falrant 1.

It is uncertain if the league will pursue further punishment. But the Internet is surely dishing out some in the form of jokes, which you can see below.