On May 17th, YOUNITE (Eunho, Steve, Hyunseung, Eunsang, Hyungseok, Uno, Dey, Kyungmoon, and Sion) celebrated the release of their fourth mini-album “BIT Part.1” with a refreshing showcase.

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The new album consists of five tracks with the theme of shining youth, starting with the urban hip-hop song “ICY,” followed by the title track “WATERFALL” which reminds listeners of the summer sea, and the fan song “SLOGAN” written by Eunho, Eunsang, and Dey. These flawless top-notch songs, predict the emergence of an album that could go on to become an all time classic. 

According to Hyunseung, “After releasing our debut trilogy ‘YOU & I’ in our first year, we created the ‘BIT’ series with the theme of ‘youth’ to showcase YOUNITE’s shining moments of youth.” He showed faith in the new album.


Sion commented on the title track “WATERFALL,” saying, “As a new summer song by YOUNITE that expresses the pure emotions of youth through the sea, it’s a song that makes you feel better the more you listen to it.” YOUNITE received accolades for their upbeat and refreshing performance during the showcase.

YOUNITE created a strong impact on 120,000 attendees at “KCON JAPAN 2023,” held from May 11th to 13th in Tokyo, Japan, where they made a surprise premiere of the title track “WATERFALL.” They want to use this effort to broaden their worldwide fan base and strengthen their status as a global KPOP rising star.

Meanwhile, YOUNITE intends to maintain a range of activities to engage with their worldwide fans even after the release of their fourth EP, “BIT Part. 1.”

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