With 40 seconds left in game four against the Sacramento Kings, Stephen Curry called a timeout when he could not inbound the ball and resume play. The only issue was the Golden State Warriors didn’t have any timeouts.

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The result of the play was a technical foul and then a follow-up bucket, allowing the Kings to come within one point in the crucial game. Curry missed a floater in the following possession, but the Kings could not hit a game-winner. The Warriors escaped the game 126-125, shifting the series back to Sacramento.

In the postgame, Curry stated he didn’t realize the team was out of timeouts once they lost a challenge. According to him, head coach Steve Kerr took the blame for the moment.


“[Coach] took the blame for it, but I ain’t going to lie: I thought it was the smartest play in the world,” Curry said. “I looked at the bench, and everybody was shaking their head. It was an unfortunate situation.”

Many on Twitter connected the moment to Chris Webber’s time at the University of Michigan, which cost the Fab Five a championship run.

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