Music veteran Missy Elliot recently responded to a user on Twitter revealing what inspired her undeniable drive. The 2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee, said that she wanted to get her mother “out of that situation” and make sure she would “never have to work again.”

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The entertainer revealed the key to her success on Sunday to a fan who asked what fueled her remarkable persistence in a tough industry.

“I wanna know like what inspired her and what was her drive to remain persistent in a male dominated industry at the time,” the fan wrote, tagging Elliott in the query.


“I seen many strong women in the industry be4 me that made it through,” Elliott tweeted back. “My mom was in a abusive relationship so I told her I would make it so I could get her out of that situation & I would make sure she’d never have to work again that’s what really kept me going.”

Congratulations Missy.

We salute you!

Birthdays was the worst days/Now we sip champagne when we thirstayyyy!

Check out Missy’s mom purchasing her a new Lamborghini for her 50th birthday below.