In the world of music, talent is often born, not made, and for Harlem-native Ariie West, this is certainly the case. Born Robert Nicholson Salik on April 4, 1999, Ariie West’s affinity for music manifested early on, carving his path to success in the highly competitive music industry.

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At the age of 15, Ariie was already making waves as a songwriter and producer under the well-known music executive Jay Jackson aka Ice Pick of Ruff Ryders. He was signed and given the task of crafting songs for the talented Teyana Taylor, under Pharell’s label, Star Trak Entertainment (now Defunct). This experience solidified his passion and knowledge in music production.

However, a significant turn in Ariie’s career would come in 2016, when he met music producer, John Kwatakye-Atiko. Their initial encounter would provide Ariie with a blueprint to build his career, but it wasn’t until October of 2022 that the two would officially work together. Joining forces, they have managed to create impressive marketing campaigns around the catalog of music, propelling Ariie to become one of the most exciting artists to watch.


In January 2023, Ariie released his single “Dangerous,” which quickly garnered attention, by going viral on YouTube, reaching 1.7 million views in its first 2 weeks. This accomplishment is a testament, not only to Ariie’s talent, but also to his work ethic and relentless drive.

Ariie’s success hasn’t only caught the eye of music fans, but also notable brands. Recently, he embarked on a notable collaboration with Reebok in their Anuel AA “Sky’s The Limit” sneaker, proving his growing influence in the industry and his appeal to a wide demographic of music lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike. In addition to Reebok, Ariie previously formed partnerships with popular beverage companies, Drink Arizona and Camus, further solidifying his status as a trendsetter both within and outside of the music scene.

Despite his ongoing success, Ariie West remains deeply rooted in his love for music. In addition to his solo work, he continues to use his skills to write and produce music for other artists, including Grammy Award-winning rapper, Cardi B. Ariie’s wide-ranging talents have helped him excel in the industry as an independent artist. 

The remarkable journey of Ariie West is far from over. With his passion for music, creating songs that connect with fans worldwide, and brand partnerships, this Harlem native continues to prove he’s a force in the industry. As he continues to ascend, all of his fans worldwide are waiting to see, what’s next for Ariie West? 


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