In a recent interview with Big Boy for his Big Boy’s Neighborhood podcast, Long Beach rap legend Snoop Dogg unexpectedly gave his former boss Suge Knight his flowers, praising him for changing his life by signing him to Death Row Records.

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Big Boy replied to the respect given with, “Why?” because of their past issues to which Snoop responded, “Call that ‘Let bygones be bygones.'” He went on saying, “Because I love that man. He changed my life, and that gets overshadowed by the negative energy projected by him and the stupid sh*t he did when he was in the streets. And the picture that they paint, as far as half the man, but if you know the whole man, there was more greatness in him than anything. He just didn’t have a  chance to highlight that.” 

In an interview with The Breakfast Club from 2016, Snoop said that he and Suge ended their beef. Snoop said,


“[We] real cool. We had a long 3-4 hour conversation one time. When I seen him, I was kind of slipping, doing what I wasn’t suppose to be doing. And he slid up behind me and instead of me reacting the wrong way, I just went into my regular mode and I’m gonna lay up boo to the side and me and you can go upstairs and meet and we got caught up on some real love. Cause it was never that he never hated me, I just think he was disappointed that he couldn’t control me. When you got a record label and you got artist—and I’ve don’t this before—you want to control of that artist. But some artists deserve their own lane and you got to give it to them.” 

This comes days after Knight, the former CEO and owner of Death Row Records, claimed that Snoop, who is the current owner, acquired the legendary label by fraudulent means.