Swizz Beatz recently shared news of a health scare he faced at the beginning of his career that nearly caused him to never walk again.

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The award-winning producer stopped by The Jennifer Hudson Show where he revealed early on in his career, he once worked himself to near-paralysis.

“When you come from nothing, and you finally get success, get a piece of what you thought you could never get from your surroundings — we just have a habit of going hard as men, you know, and it caught up to me,” he told the Oscar-winning host. “I remember staying up for four days straight just over-pushing it. It messed up my immune system — I had spinal meningitis.”


He continued: “And I remember going to the hospital, and the doctor was cold. He was cold as ice. As soon as I walked in, he said, ‘okay, you might not die, but you’ll never walk again.’ That was the first thing they said to me when I went into the hospital. But I was in so much pain, I was like, ‘let’s get on to it.’ But, Alhamdulillah [Praise be to Allah], I came back, and I beat the odds with that one. And now, I try to take my health a little bit more serious.”

photo CREDIT: Nigel Parry